hI there! I’m Lisa Work

I’m a web designer + brand catalyst + marketing fun maker. I work with coaches, creatives, & other visionaries who want to make a BIG impact in the world.


I work with coaches, creatives and other BIG TIME visionaries who are all about making a difference – through your wisdom, your art, and YOUR unique experience.

I believe in BOLDNESS and COURAGE and VISION.  Especially in business.  But also in life.

My special mix of magic is guiding you to better understand your own brand and vision – your MESSAGE – so you can attract the kind of clients that you most love to work with.

Having a web site and an online presence that is TOTALLY YOU – that communicates who you are and how you make the world more awesome – that’s what I love to do and what my design work is all about.

Your brand is YOUR VOICE, your vibe, your commitment and how deeply you connect with your audience.

I know that it’s not easy to nail down your own brand – to say VERY clearly what you do, who you serve and what your business is all about.  Confusion and unclarity just plain sucks!

There’s an old business model that says you have to serve “all” customers, which can mean watering down your message and not being 100% WHO YOU ARE, all in the name of trying to please everyone.

But that model doesn’t work so great anymore. People are curious about who YOU are, they want authenticity and they want to know what makes you tick.

The key to online success is SHARING YOUR BUTT OFF in a bold, unapologetic, totally YOU way.

When your marketing, your website, your social media and your brand are all aligned with the AWESOME that is you, that’s when big time results can start to happen.

I want to help you clear the fog and get CRYSTAL CLEAR about what your business is all about – so you can FEARLESSLY communicate your brand vision.

Doesn’t that sound so much better than struggling and doubting yourself and making everything so dang hard, trying to be something you’re not?

I think so. 🙂

Whether you’re a coach, a healer, an artist or whatever it is that you’ve found to be your soul work, I’m here to help you live your business dreams – giving you tools to make more money, doing what you’re most passionate about.

~ Lisa Work



  • Born and raised in Colorado by a super young, really brave single mom.
  • I was an adorable little gothic girl in my youth and find myself nostalgic for all things Bauhaus and The Cure.  And I still wear black on most days.  A hard habit to break.  🙂
  • I quickly skipped town after high school, landing at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.
  • I was a math major, because I’m really good at crunching numbers.
  • But, I hate crunching numbers, so I dropped out after one year.  The plan was film school.
  • Love and life had different plans and I wound up living in the heart of Seattle in the early 90s.  Fun times.
  • Next stop:  house boat.  That was cool.
  • When I was 22, I took a personal development seminar that totally changed my life.
  • Wound up working for that company and diving head first into the world of personal transformation.
  • Oh my god!  I learned so much:  public speaking, business planning, sales and marketing, how to make dreams a reality, playing a bigger game, producing results, management, communication, coaching skills, dreaming big and kicking ass.
  • I then went to live in Europe for a couple of years, being the big boss in Stockholm.  That’s a story to share if we ever meet face to face.  One of my boldest adventures and biggest failures and deepest life changing experiences to date.
  • After Sweden, I came back home, to Colorado.
  • Met a crazy passionate man and ran off to Las Vegas to tie the knot.  Elvis style, because I’m cool like that.
  • Became a mom.  WOAH!  That was a game changer.  🙂  A few years later, became a mom again.
  • During my stay at home mommy years, I started working for myself.  I fell in love with the exciting and challenging world of entrepreneurship.
  • Catering company, wedding planning, wooden toys, life coaching, info sites, business consulting and web design.  It’s been a busy 10 years.
  • The web design and business consulting is what hooked me.
  • Decided to go back to school to learn more.  That’s when I discovered the artist in me that was begging to come out.
  • Graduated in May of 2015 with a BFA in painting and photography (with honors!).
  • Now, I work for you:  coaches, creatives and other big time visionaries who want to make an impact in the world.  It’s such a great match for what I’ve learned so far in this life.   It’s fun and I love it.  My clients are the coolest people, so inspiring and awesome. I feel very lucky that I get to do what I do.
  • Also, along the way – close to when I went back to school, my husband and I got divorced.  So I’m a single mom/artist/business woman/visionary.  Not an easy thing, but I have the best community of people around me who help make things flow.  ♥
  • I live a very full life, on my own terms, doing what I love.  That seems to be the motto of my life (and my business) –  don’t settle, follow your dreams, live big, share your heart.

Questions?  Send me a note.   I’d love to meet you, say hello, rap about life and business and making your dreams a reality.  I hope to talk to you soon.

xo, Lisa

PS.  I think you’re awesome.  Thanks for being on a mission to make the world a better place. ♥  We really do need more people doing what they love, making a difference and bringing happiness to others.  It’s such a joy to work with people like you.  Big, BIG love.  ♥