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27 Feb '15

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The CHIMERA Project

First off, I am so excited to now be officially offering photography sessions as part of how I help people – YOU – to accomplish your goals and make the difference you want to make.

Photography and I have … Read More

How Chopping Off My Hair Helped Me To Nail My Brand

Creating this new webspace took A LONG time.  Branding yourself is so super duper hard!    I think next time I will totally hire someone to do the heavy lifting for me, because it is such a challenge to see … Read More

Awesome Client – Jeanne at Align Now Physical Therapy

Jeanne isn’t just a physical therapist, she’s on a BIG TIME mission! (oh how I love this woman!)

Client:  Jeanne Whittle Business:  Align Now PT Services:  Web Design, Web Copy, Logo Design, Photos/Video

Her belief is that we … Read More

You’ve Got To Blog Like You Mean It

I’m sitting here on a chilly morning eating some yogurt.  Seriously.. brrr! I’m thinking about turning the heat on… in JUNE!  wtf?  Colorado weather is such a trip!

Anyway, I’m thinking about what I really want this blog space to be … Read More