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Client Work – Perfect Brilliance

Annemarie is one of my most favorite clients – EVER!

What I love about working with her is that we are not only focusing on creating great digital spaces and spot on branding, but I get to coach her … Read More

How To Take Your Own Branding Photos

It is so, so, so important to have GREAT images of yourself when creating a personal brand. 

So, whether you’re a coach, an artist, a musician, or a consultant, you want to make sure that the images you use … Read More

Roadtrip Art Making

I’ve shared this project a lot on my social media accounts, but wanted to talk about it again.  Because it was (and still is) special.

One of the greatest things about being in art school was that I was … Read More

This Feels More True To Me…

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

Originally, when I asked her – “What is it for you to be the matriarch, the boss, the one who gets things done?” –  She talked about the typical working mom, vacuuming with a … Read More

I love wearing my dorky glasses…

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

I asked her:  “When you are fully engaged in learning and seeking knowledge – both inner and outer, what does that look like for you?”

She said, “I love wearing my dorky glasses, stacks of … Read More

Hope Lives In My Heart

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

I asked her, what is it – for you – to be innocent, to dream, to think anything is possible?

She said, “Hope lives in my heart – it happens when I am in … Read More

27 Feb '15

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The CHIMERA Project

First off, I am so excited to now be officially offering photography sessions as part of how I help people – YOU – to accomplish your goals and make the difference you want to make.

Photography and I have … Read More