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This Feels More True To Me…

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

Originally, when I asked her – “What is it for you to be the matriarch, the boss, the one who gets things done?” –  She talked about the typical working mom, vacuuming with a … Read More

I love wearing my dorky glasses…

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

I asked her:  “When you are fully engaged in learning and seeking knowledge – both inner and outer, what does that look like for you?”

She said, “I love wearing my dorky glasses, stacks of … Read More

Hope Lives In My Heart

Notes pulled from The Chimera Project:

I asked her, what is it – for you – to be innocent, to dream, to think anything is possible?

She said, “Hope lives in my heart – it happens when I am in … Read More

27 Feb '15

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The CHIMERA Project

First off, I am so excited to now be officially offering photography sessions as part of how I help people – YOU – to accomplish your goals and make the difference you want to make.

Photography and I have … Read More