May 17, 2016

Client Work – Monöi Botanicals

New web design project for Monöi Botanicals - Ocean Inspired Beauty.

Stephanie came to me wanting a website that truly felt like HER. She wanted something that would represent her dream of creating these seriously amazing beauty products – 100% inspired by the ocean.

She had hired someone else to design her website and the final product just didn’t feel right, making her lack the confidence to launch her new business into the world.  A total bummer, but something that happens far more often than it should.

We met in an online business group where she was searching for someone to redo her site.  After one conversation I knew that I’d love to create this new home for Monöi Botanicals – Stephanie is so awesome and I could tell that she was going to be wonderful to work with.

Lucky for me, she did hire me and the new website turned out exactly as she hoped, which always make me happy and fulfilled. What brings me joy is when I see a client’s vision come to life – It’s how I know that I’m taking good care of my people. I want my clients to be left with exactly what they wanted – a site that they can feel proud about and that they are totally in love with.

I think it’s so important to not settle for just any old website – but for you to really dig in and build something that’s a match for WHO YOU ARE, what you love, what your business is all about and who you most want to serve.

Doing so is going to build up your confidence AND your courage – so you can start promoting and marketing yourself in a way that feels GOOD – truthful, authentic and from the heart. ♥

Check out the new Monöi Botanicals site below, or pop on over to see it live.

And if you’d like to chat about YOUR website and what I could do to help you truly love your brand and the space you occupy on the internet – give me a shout.. I’d love to explore options with you.



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