January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

The New Year brings with it such great FRESH, hopeful energy. I love that feeling, like anything is possible.

But let’s tell the truth, shall we?

The truth is that today, or Sunday, or tomorrow.. are really just regular old days and all the NEWNESS of the Happy New Year spirit tends to fade super fast.

The reality of actually rolling up our sleeves and getting to work creeps in and with that – our old habits, our old fears, our old doubts about whether or not we can really do this thing that we dream of doing.

You following me here? Does it get like that for you?

Really.. to create something new and have it BECOME something – that takes forging some new habits, some new patterns, some new ways of thinking.

And THAT my friends, is actually really hard to do!

I think that what helps the most to create new habits and shift gears with anything are these 5 things:

1. Be clear about your what and why

Sit down and write out WHAT you are wanting to create and WHY. If one of your New Year goals is to show up on social media more. What does that mean?

Are you wanting to post something new and inspiring every single day? Or do you want to post 3 useful tidbits every week? Those are specific goals that have real action steps you can take vs. “I want to post more.”

Then, WHY.. why do you want to show up on social media more? Is it to create relationships, or to help more people, or to get more likes. Please tell me it’s not to get more likes! But, that may be what’s driving your new commitment, which would be no wonder if it doesn’t turn out. 🙂 

2. Start small

Change doesn’t happen overnight. And a whole bunch of radical, big shifts are super hard to implement all at once.

So, start small. An easy adjustment, something totally doable. And then as that becomes more of a habit, you can expand on it and add steps.

This is MUCH more likely to get you performing at your best than trying to overhaul your whole process overnight.

3. Reminders

You’re going to want to set up regular, consistent reminders to take the new actions you’re wanting to take.

You won’t remember on your own. The old ways of doing things will pretty much always take over.

Good reminders are ones that show up and disrupt your same old in effective ways. Think about your alarm in the morning.. it jolts you awake and even though it’s annoying as heck, it does it’s job.

Reminders don’t have to be annoying, by the way. You could schedule a weekly skype date with a business bestie and have the purpose of this meeting be to share your intentions, plan out your weekly actions and report on how things went in the previous week.

A reminder like that keeps your goal and your WHY alive – and gives you a chance to recommit to it week after week.

4. Reward yourself

This doesn’t mean that you go buy yourself a new car for doing good work.

No, it means that you celebrate and congratulate yourself to reinforce those good habits.

Last night I did yoga and then after, as I was brushing my teeth in the mirror, I had a little moment with myself of “Good job Lisa, that felt good. Thank you.” And I really meant it.

That kind of self empowerment helps TONS when you’re trying to bring new things into your life and your business.

It feels good to be patted on the back, even when YOU are the one doing the patting. 🙂

5. Be patient and kind

Real change takes commitment, and effort and courage. And we often fail at it. It’s hard. So be patient, and most importantly – be kind to yourself.

Whipping yourself into submission most likely won’t work – for some of you it will, because you like that sort of thing. 😉 But for most of us.. we get better results with honey.

Remember that anything you’re wanting to do – for yourself, your business or your customers – it most likely comes from a place of love and hope, so be kind to yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations.

You may not know this, but I was a life coach for many many years. Over time, I shifted gears toward design and business development, but that coaching side of me is still there and shows up in all of the work I do.

I want to help people be BOLDER, more courageous and it is one of the very best things about my work when I get to see people step into their own awesome and really own how special they are.

I decided to offer something that I don’t do very often – straight up coaching and support for those of you who want to dig in and make some exciting things happen in this new year.

Welcome to Courage Camp!

Courage Camp is my new group coaching program for anyone who already has a pretty good sense of your branding and you’re now ready to SHOW UP in the world and SHOW OFF your brand so you can grow your business and make a bigger impact.

I know that it takes a great deal of courage to let the world know what you’re doing, how you want to help and – especially – to let people know what makes YOU special and unique.

That’s what Courage Camp is for – to be here for you as you find your way and your VOICE.

The next round of Courage Camp starts on Monday – January 9th  – you can learn more about the program here.

I created this to be an easy thing for you – but POTENT and powerful, so you can bring to live all that you’re wanting in your business.

It would be a joy to work with you!

xo, Lisa

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