April 4, 2017

Less Is Pretty Much ALWAYS More On Your Website – A Website Review

One of the things I will say over and over and over again is this:

Less Is More

Simple is the golden rule with web design. You want a website that feels EASY for people – clear and straightforward.  That doesn’t mean you can’t infuse things with your awesome personality!  PLEASE do that.

It just means that things will feel more polished, professional, and intentional when you have LESS of pretty much everything – fonts, colors, words, pages, etc.

Check out this website review I recently did for Kristie Van Noie of InSight Bookkeeping to see exactly what I mean.  Kristie is still working on her website and the one thing I kept seeing that would make everything really come together is the power of LESS.

Want your website reviewed?  Click here to make your request.

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