April 8, 2016

Spring clean your website (w/ a checklist to download)

How to spring clean your website with a checklist to download.

Let’s Spring Clean Your Website!

Spring here in Colorado is totally whacky. One day it’s 70 degrees and gorgeously awesome and the next day is a full on blizzard. Total nuts.

But, I love, love, love the promise of longer days, little buds popping out on the trees, tons of sunshine and pulling out my flip flops. There is much possibility in the air. And it’s spectacular!  (Spring is my favorite season, hands down).

That springtime buzz makes for a perfect opportunity to carve out a little time to give your website some love and attention. I’m not talking about a full on rebrand, just some TLC to make sure everything is working as it should, that your copy and programs are up to date and that your online space is neat and tidy – ready to welcome people with the promise that YOUR business is here to make happen.

So, to help you spring clean your website, I’ve whipped up a little checklist to help you stay organized -and – it will make sure you address some of the key areas that a Website Spring Clean calls for.


On it, you’ll find easy stuff to do like making sure the copyright date in your footer is current, or reviewing your offerings and double checking all of your contact information and social media links.

These are small things but they make a big impact.

You want your website to feel fresh, current, and PAID ATTENTION to. There is nothing worse than finding out something is not working on your website – who knows how long it’s been like that!?

Paying attention to your website lets your potential customers know that you’re going to be paying attention to them.  Neglect doesn’t make people feel confident about hiring you.

So, grab the checklist and dive in. Your business, and – more importantly – your customers will thank you for it.

Download the website spring clean checklist here.


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